Radiation Protection & Radioactive Waste Management
RCA access and work control
  • · RCA access control (access control, contamination monitoring)
  • · Radiation exposure management
  • · RCA work control
  • · Perform workplace monitoring before/during/after radiation work and Job coverage
  • · Gaseous and Liquid effluent release permit
  • · Support Health Physics facilities and equipment management
  • · Respond to abnormal radiological conditions
Radiation and Radioactivity survey and RMS operation
  • · Radiation Monitoring System Operation
  • · Radiation and Radioactivity survey of Protected Area
  • · Support counting room operation
      - Gamma Spectroscopy, LSC and Low BKG Alpha-Beta Counter operation
      - Sampling and analysis
  • · Gamma Spectroscopy, LSC and Low BKG Alpha-Beta Counter operation
  • · Sampling and analysis
Area Decontamination, and PPE Laundry
  • · Area decontamination of RCA
  • · Contain contaminated liquid leaks in the RCA to minimize contaminated areas
  • · Respirators Management
Radioactive Waste Treatment
  • · Radioactive Waste Management according to waste minimization plan and operation of RW equipment
  • · Treatment (segregation, sampling, analysis and storage/disposal) of RCA HVAC filter train for waste minimization
  • · Treatment (sampling analysis, drying, storage/disposal)of secondary side resin, filter
  • · Sampling, sample storage and record keeping for waste characterization
  • · Support to dispose of Clearance Level Waste,
      - Bag Monitor operation
      - Documentation and transport to general waste storage area.
      - Clearing items from RCA
  • · Transport and storage of radioactive waste in Low and Medium Level Radwaste Interim Building including waste drum(survey, posting, transport and transport route survey, storage and record keeping)
  • · Spent Filter handling machine operation and spent filter storage
  • · Support Nawah to manage Low and Medium Level Radwaste Storage Building (routine survey, drum inventory control, instruments and equipment management, documentation)
Business Agency for Radiation Protection
  • · Removal of radioactive contamination
  • · Collection, treatment, and transportation of radioactive isotopes and radioactive waste
  • · Preparation of radiation safety report and safety management regulations
  • · Supervision(Inspection) of installation of facilities, etc.
  • · Radiation safety management
  • · Other tasks related to radiation safety management and obstacle prevention
System Design
· 25kW MCFC Steam Generator / desulfurization system
  • - Separation and Recovery Process Pilot for High Efficiency CO2 Absorbers
  • - High temperature pyrolysis/combustion reactor system
  • - Adsorption Tower Performance Evaluation System
· 30kW MCFC Steam Generator / desulfurization system
· Hydrogen Generator/Aromatic Extractors
  • - Hydrogen Diffusion Experimental Model
· 100kW MCFC Pre-Reformer/Desulfurizer
· BPR/View Cell Reactor System
· 300 kW MCFC Pre-Reformer/Desulfurizer / VOC / Remover Oxidation
· 03 Reaction Process
· CO2 Capture Apparatus Process
  • - Design and Manufacture of Waste Fluorescent Oxidizing System
  • - supercritical reactor
· PVA Processing unit Design
  • - Design of Dissolved Oxygen Removal System for Nuclear Power Plants
  • - Design of Cleaning Waste Disposal System for Nuclear Power Plants
· ACF System Design
· 2L/HR WGS Process Design and Manufacture
· PAR prototype Design and Manufacture
  • - Separator Flow Analysis
· 1NM3/HR WGS Process Design and Manufacture
· Design and Manufacture for Catalyst regeneration equipment during operation
· PVA Processing Unit 3D Design(400 lbs/batch)
· 60,000 Kcal/hr Heat Exchanger Design
· 1.5 MW FE-IGCC PLANT Design and Manufacture
· H-3 Measuring device Design and Manufacture
· 10 kW CO2 Utilization High-load Compound Production System
· 50m3 BSU CO2 Recovery and Separation system
· Flow layer CO2 Removal Device
  • - Plasma gas treatment system
  • - Radioactive waste-activated carbon treatment system
· Development of Air Purifier using CO/HCHO Catalyst
· WGS Process
· Inspection Instrument for Clearance
· Radioactive Surveymeter for Construction waste
  • - Flow Analysis of Separator Performance Evaluation