Radiation Protection for Nuclear Power Plants

Radiation Management to ensure the safety
of Nuclear Power Plants

Clearance of Radioactive Waste

Business Agency for Radiation Protection


Our company has signed an exclusive agency contract with ETI (U.S.A.), a manufacturer of PVA water-soluble protective equipment (OREX),
and Radeco (U.S.A.), a manufacturer of health and physical equipment such as Air sampler, to distribute it in Korea.
Evironment Radioactivity Analysis

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety has designated
food (Designation No. 117) and livestock products
(No. 58) as test inspection agencies in relation to radioactivity tests.
Certified From KOLAS (Korea Laboratory Accreditation
Scheme) as International Accredited Testing Agency
for Environmental radioactivity test on food/soil/water materials
Main Business Line

Radiation Protection
Support Service for
Nuclear Facilities
Radiation Safety Management of NPP
Treatment of Radioactive Wastes
Health Physics for Workers' Radiation Safety
Other radiation-related activities
Radiation Safety-Related Engineering Service

PSR (Periodic Safety Review) for NPP
Environmental Impact Assessment for NPP
Developing Emergency Preparedness Plan for NPP
Developing education program for radiation safety
Radioactive Waste Management Service

Radioactive wastes after decontamination
(concrete, metal scrape, etc.)
Treatment of Radioactive materials
Clearance for Radioactive Waste
R&D Activities Related to Radiation Safety

Research Institute was established in 2003 and a number of remarkable performances has been made. (Developed passive type Hydrogen Recombiner for NPP, etc.)
Actively involved in the cooperative research project with government labs, universities, etc. (Decontamination of replaced large equipment such as S/G, Reactor Head, etc.)
System Design for
Nuclear Facilities

Liquid Radwaste Management System Design and Manufacture
Gaseous Radwaste Management System Design and Manufacture
PVA Processing Unit Design and Manufacture
Flow layer CO₂ Removal Device Design, etc.
Radioactivity Analysis

Food and livestock products radioactivity testing
Survey and Analysis on Naturally occurring radioactive materials in soil
Analysis of Sample for leak test for sealed radiation sources
Environmental Radiation measurement and analysis around the nuclear facilities
Business Agency for
Radiation Protection

Removal of Radioactive Contamination
Collection, treatment, and transportation of radioactive isotopes and radioactive waste
Preparation of radiation safety report and safety management regulations
Supervision(Inspection) of installation of facilities, etc.
Radiation Safety Management
Business of NPP

Participation in government-sponsored R&D projects
Member of Decommissioning Research Society
Total Management Solution For RP & RW

  • Years of Experience
  • Completed Projects
  • Employees
  • Contract Value
  • STEP 01

    Investigate the status of treatment facilities or sites

    • Conducting soil radionuclides investigation
  • STEP 02

    Establishment of Radiation Controlled Area

    • Designation and cancellation of radiation management area
    • gas, liquid, solid radioactive waste Processing
  • STEP 03

    Radionuclide Analysis

    • Gamma radionuclide analysis (identify major nucleotides)
  • STEP 04

    Estimated Exposure Dose and Shielding Calculation

    • Shielding Code for Radiation
    • Calculation Code of Nuclear Critical
    • Treatment Processing of Radioactivity Waste
    • MARSSIM Method for Decontamination and Decommissioning of Radiation Controlled Area
    • A Lung Dose Evaluation Program
  • STEP 05

    Obtain processing plans and associated licenses

    • Preparation of radiation safety report and safety management regulations
  • STEP 06

    Decontamination and disposal of radioactive waste

    • Selection and installation of gas and liquid radioactive waste disposal systems
    • decontamination of solid radioactive waste
  • STEP 07


    • Preparation of a report on the transfer of radioactive materials
    • Radiation Management for the transfer of radioactive materials
  • STEP 08


    • Storage work at specified area
  • STEP 09

    Submit radiation safety management report